A lot of people believe that infertility in women is more of a spiritual problem than a physical one. As a result of this belief, most women who are infertile or who experience a delay in childbearing tend to seek spiritual help instead of medical solutions. Not seeking medical aid has caused a lot of women to run into even bigger problems than they should.

We received a recent case where a married woman who for not being able to conceive was constantly having sexual intercourse with her named spiritual father. We gathered that the so-called spiritual father told her that the only way she can get pregnant is to have sex with him. She believed his ridiculous claim that his manhood is sanctified and is able to destroy the spirit of infertility in her. Can you imagine?

It is a sad fact that women go through hell for childbearing. We would like you to have you share your thought on this issue; Is infertility in women more spiritual than physical? Watch our video and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Photo credit: Pixabay